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5 Ways to Use your Branding Photos

You finally get your photos back from your branding shoot. You are scrolling through them. You LOVE them. Then the overwhelm sets in. What do I do now?

Have you ever felt this way when it comes to your marketing? Maybe you have nailed down your branding, understood your audience, scheduled your branding shoot, but you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate the photos into your marketing! I definitely get it. Fortunately, my brain is wired for content secretion and social media, so when I see a bunch a photos and videos, my brain starts thinking about all the possibilities. For others it may be overwhelming. Hopefully, this blog will help you incorporate your photos better with 5 ways to use your business branding photos. 

1. How to Use Your Photos on Your Website

The main way you can use your photos is on your website! To be honest, you can get away with using Iphone photos on your social media, but your website is a whole different beast! Professional branding photography helps elevate your website from “so-so” to “I’m serious about my business”. When I am thinking about using a business or purchasing a product, I look at their website first and if it doesn’t look professional, it is hard for me to take them seriously. So, getting professional photography done simply for your website is very important. 

The header is the main place to use your photos. You will want horizontal photos to use here, so  keep this in mind when doing your  photo shoot. You could use a photo of you to the side with blank space beside you to allow for text to show up. You can use a “details” photo so the focus is on the heading. 

It is important to use professional photography throughout your website for products, service, and about me to help showcase your brand and create a good first impression with potential clients or customers. Professional photos that FEEL like you are important for connecting with your audience. 

2. How to Use Your Photos in Your Social Media

When it comes to social media, impromptu photos from your iPhone are totally fine, but incorporating some of your branding photos also, elevate your feed and show you are investing in your business.

With your branding photos they can help you show off your personality, your team, and your products or services in action. Here are a few quick ways to use your photos on social media:

  • Post single photos or multiple photos in a carousel. 

  • Use the photos as reel covers to keep your grid cohesive.

  • Add quotes, text overlays, or your brand logo to your photos to make your posts stand out in the feed.

  • Use your branding photos in your Instagram stories to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

  • Save them to a story highlight on your profile so people can continue to see them even after they disappear.

3. How to Use Your Photos for Your Printed Materials

People often say they want professional photos for their business social media, but they can also elevate your printed materials like business cards, brochures, and postcards. Again, this is a marketing tactic that REALLY needs professional photos. Iphone photos could make it look less quality. If you are looking for some custom printed materials, make sure you reach out to us at Nostalgia Media near Birmingham to help you out! 

4. How to Incorporate Your Photos in Presentations + Webinars

Imagine kicking off your presentation or webinar with a captivating branding photo that sets the tone and instantly grabs your audience's attention. Throughout your slides, sprinkle in branding photos to illustrate concepts, showcase your team, and add visual interest. Not only do these photos help tell your brand's story in a compelling way, but they also make your presentation more engaging and memorable. With your branding photos front and center, you'll leave a great first impression and connect with your audience on a deeper level, making your brand easy to remember.

5. How to Use Your Photos in Your Email Marketing

Whether it's a newsletter, a promotional email, or a special announcement, incorporating your branding photos adds personality and authenticity to your message. To be honest, if an email has too much text, I don’t always read it. Most of our newsletters have lots of pictures in them for visual interest. If you want to see what our newsletter’s look like, subscribe

Use Your Branding Photos Easily with Help from Nostalgia Media

I hope these tips helped you understand better how to use your professional branding photos into your business marketing efforts! At Nostalgia Media, near Birmingham, AL, we can help create stunning images for your business that help showcase your story. We can also help you use your photos through our social media management services. Please reach out to us if you are ready to upgrade your business marketing! 

P.S. If. you have scrolled to the bottom, here is the low down >> if you are feeling overwhelmed with how to use your photos... reach out to us for a marketing consultation or social media management.
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