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Birmingham Branding Photography for Sound Therapy Business

We loved getting the opportunity to partner with Danielle Hall from Sound Embrace to learn about her passions and aspirations to provide inner healing through sound therapy! This is not something we are super knowledgeable about, so our pre-shoot strategy meeting was extra important. Our Personal Branding Photography session includes a strategy session to help us and you prepare for your photoshoot whether we shoot locally or choose a location in Birmingham or Atlanta!

During our branding strategy meeting, we discussed her mission, goals, ideal client, use of the content, and what she enjoys doing in her free time. This helped us determine the vibe of the shoot and what visual identifiers we needed to include to tell her brand story!

We decided to include her lifestyle in the photos that included using incense, crystals, and journaling to ground herself. This "grounded" vibe needed to be carried over into the location and mood. We chose to use Apothecary in Jacksonville, AL because of their awesome black distressed wall and large windows for natural light. Using neutral colors throughout her wardrobe/props and adding a few plants helped bring a sense of calmness and groundedness to the shoot.

Check out some of our favorites from the sound therapy branding photoshoot:

Looking to create some dope imagery for your business? Nostalgia Media near Birmimgham AL, can partner with you to create branded images to tell your unique story. Contact us today to get started on investing in your brand!

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