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  • Tiffany DeBoer

Dentist Branding Photography: Jones Dentistry, Oxford, AL

Looking for some photo inspo? We just delivered a gallery of some awesome photos to Jones Dentistry, a dentist's office in Oxford, Alabama. Thought I’d share some highlights & insights. Might inspire your next branding session! Whether you are a dentist in Birmingham, AL or a hairstylist in Gadsden, this blog will be full of tips & inspiration for you!

Client’s Vision for Dentist Branding Photo

Caitlin, owner of Jones Dentistry, Is going through a rebrand & wanted her photos to represent the new vibes. Her goal? Make her office feel homey & comfortable while still showcasing a luxury vibe. A bit of a challenge, but totally doable. We decided on a palette of black & neutrals to bring out the luxury Including black masks & gloves. Added in bright whites to keep things happy & joyful.

Tip: When planning your shoot, have a clear vision of what emotions you want your brand to evoke. This will guide your styling choices and ensure consistency.

Setting the Scene FOr your branding photoshoot

The office itself wasn't the most "ideal" place for the photos because they are actually building a NEW building & Caitlin didn't want the office space in it! So, we made sure not to showcase too much of the current building. Luckily, the walls were white! We used flash photography to provide plenty of light In each of the rooms to keep a happy & bright mood. We wanted patients to feel at ease but also know they’re getting top-notch service.

Tip: Choose a location that reflects your brand’s vibe or If you don't like certain parts of the location, make sure to tell us! The way we shoot & edit can help highlight or "hide" certain features. For example, her walls had metal plates on them from old equipment... I photoshopped them off each photo to create a clean background!

Staff Personalities Shine at Jones Dentistry

One of the best parts of the photoshoot? Capturing the staff’s personalities! They were all so welcoming & friendly. We made sure to showcase that feeling of home & comfort. Smiles, laughs, candid moments – you name it. These shots really brought the brand to life.

Tip: Let your staff be themselves during the shoot. Authentic moments capture the true essence of your brand and help build a connection with your audience.

Why It Works

Dentist branding photography isn’t just about teeth. It’s about telling a story & capturing the brand's vibe. This shoot was all about balance. Luxury dentistry meets home-town comfort. Professional meets personal. And, of course, everything edited to perfection. Bright, happy vibes all around.

Tip: Communicate your brand’s desired emotional impact to your photographer. This collaboration ensures the final images align with your brand’s story and goals.

Takeaways for Your Business Branding Photoshoot

Thinking about a branding shoot for your biz? Consider what you want your audience to feel. Luxury? Comfort? Fun? Moody? Figure that out & let your photographer or us know. We’ll work our magic to bring your vision to life if you choose us to be your photogs!

Got any questions about branding photography? Or ready to book your own shoot? Drop a comment or shoot me a message. Let’s make your brand story shine!

Until next time...

xoxo – tiff

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