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How to Build a Brand Strategy with Nostalgia Media

Updated: Mar 22

Raise your hand if you think branding for your biz is basically a logo and color palette 🙋🏼‍♀️

What if I told you that your brand also includes the experience customers have with your business, the tone of voice you use online, the value that your business provides, the way you interact with customers, and what your customers are saying about you? We work with small business owners in Birmingham, AL on how to build a brand, and we see that most organizations don’t view their brand as all that.

*mind explodes*

Let’s say you are struggling with your brand and getting it out to people, so you decide to do a “rebrand” and completely redo your logo. New you, right? Wrong! Simply changing your logo is only like changing the siding on the house. The walls and inside experiences still are the foundational pieces of the house. Without changing the foundations of your house, it’s still the same house. Get it?

It is good to have a brand strategy in place to help stay consistent with your messaging and visuals across your company and all digital/print platforms.

What is a brand strategy and why is it important?

A brand strategy is your game plan for building relationships with your potential audience (p.s. relationships = loyal customers). It encompasses your brand’s mission and identity which ultimately creates a particular culture around your brand.

Having a strategy helps you create goals and benchmarks to see if your brand is moving in the right direction. This strategy can help you articulate your vision and core values ultimately narrowing your focus on marketing your business and keeping everyone on the same page.

Having a set strategy in place can help you avoid “shiny object syndrome” and stay focused on serving your audience exactly who you set out to in the beginning. By referencing your strategy whenever you consider a new product or want to launch a new service, you will easily see if it aligns with your business’s core values and mission.

How do I develop a brand strategy?

So, where do you start when developing a brand strategy for your business? Here are 10 questions to help get you started in simply understanding your brand.

  1. Who are you serving with your service/product?

  2. What does your audience want/need in a product or to see on online platforms?

  3. What are the brand pillars that your company is built on?

  4. What is your brand’s value proposition and unique selling point?

  5. What is the culture of your company?

  6. What is your customer experience like? Is it focused on quick responses online or a cozy environment storefront?

  7. What is your visual brand (I.e., logo, color palette, imagery, etc.)?

  8. How will you market your brand?

  9. What is your brand narrative?

  10. What is your customer journey?

All the answers to these questions help develop your brand strategy! If you want to get started on creating your brand strategy today, contact us at Nostalgia Media in Birmingham, AL today to ask about our 1:1 consulting.

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