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Showing Up Online Isn’t Scary! Read these 4 Ways I Planned ALL My Content For 2024.

Who said social media had to be hard? Navigating online marketing got you a bit uneasy? No problem. I've got five efficient strategies that fast-tracked my content planning for 2024. Let's cut through the apprehension and set your online presence on a direct path to success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, the journey to elevate your business might seem like a maze. Fear not, as I, your dedicated branding photographer near Birmingham, Alabama, unravel the blueprint that streamlined my 2024 content planning process. Here's the scoop: armed with a Google Doc and a strategic vision, I crafted a month-by-month roadmap. Each month became a canvas for a specific theme, dissected into actionable steps with weekly bullet points. But that's not all—blog topics seamlessly found their place, organized with precision in ClickUp. Join me as I unfold this roadmap, tailored for small businesses like yours, navigating the various layers of online marketing with finesse.

1. Strategic Monthly Roadmap

In the intricate dance of online marketing, a clear plan is your guiding star. My content planning journey began with a Google Doc, where I typed out each month for the year. By mapping out the entire year at a glance, I gained a panoramic view, ensuring no strategic opportunity slipped through the cracks. I recommend using Google Docs because you can access it anywhere as long as you have internet access! With each month, I also noted any major holidays or seasonal ideas. 

2. Theme Your Content Strategy

Choosing themes isn't just about adding a touch of creative flair; it's a strategic move that streamlines content choices and simplifies the process of brainstorming blog topics. By aligning themes with holidays, seasons, or specific business promotions, you create a roadmap that not only captivates your audience but also makes your content planning journey smoother and more efficient. Most months have holidays which can make it easy to select a theme like February! My theme for February is “Fall in Love with Your Brand.” Clever, right? But, let’s say you get to August or September… what are you supposed to do as a theme? You could always choose a part of your mission statement, content pillars, or company values to highlight! Don’t have these readily available? No worries :) Reach out to us, and we can help. 

3. Weekly Blog Topics

To transform the monthly vision into a tangible reality, I added a practical layer of organization. Under each month, I structured Week 1 through 4, providing a clear framework for choosing blog topics. Each week became a canvas for specific content, and based on the chosen theme, I handpicked blog topics that seamlessly fit the narrative and aligned with my content pillars. This dual approach brought structure to the journey while allowing for flexibility, ensuring each week contributed meaningfully to the overarching theme.

4. ClickUp Magic

With content ideas sprouting, organization became paramount. And please don’t check out! This is one of the most important steps. Leveraging the power of ClickUp, my digital command center, I transformed chaos into clarity. Every blog topic found its designated spot within the project management system. Here, in ClickUp, I maintain a list of all my blog topics, categorized by the month they're intended for. Adding a column for due dates ensures that each piece of content will be assigned to do at a later date. Because let’s be honest … if I don’t right it down, it probably won’t get done. So, envision having your entire content strategy neatly arranged at your fingertips, thanks to a tool like ClickUp that can be your compass in the vast landscape of online marketing.

Plan Your Content for 2024 in a Few Hours

This roadmap isn't just a guide; it's a tool I use for my own planning and I wanted to share it with you! By breaking down this process into manageable steps, it becomes a less intimidating task. It transforms the daunting into the doable, making the journey of showcasing your business online a confident stride.And, later on, you don’t have to spend time thinking of ideas, you can be more efficient and just get to writing!

Sound cool to you, but not really one to sit down and create a content plan? That’s okay, we can help you! In addition to our branding photography services, we are also a team of social media managers, content marketing consultants and graphic designers. Ready to take your marketing in 2024 to the next level? Reach out to us.

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