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Spring Cleaning: Small Business Edition

Spring tends to be a happier, brighter season that many look forward to as we emerge from the dark, cold winter days. I read an article back around New Year’s Day discussing how our bodies naturally want to rest during winter and that starting new years resolutions does not line up with our bodies. It is actually more likely to start new habits during springtime!

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh perspectives. We like to apply this idea to our Birmingham, AL branding photography business by doing a little spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is great for your home, and also your business.


Each year, people tend to make goals for the year in January when we are just getting over our Christmas craze and trying to get back into the swing of things. It may not be the best time to assess your business and decide on your goals for the year. Rather than creating new goals, we should celebrate the end of the year and be reminded of the need to rest and recharge. And technically we still have January and February left of winter that should be used for recharging.

As we approach spring, our energy and creativity begin to rise! Now is the perfect time to actually set goals that you are passionate about striving toward. So, thank the Lord for where you came from last year, and dive into where you are going! Lean into the natural cycle and assess your goals for the year. Make any necessary adjustments based on this first quarter and consider aligning your goals for each quarter with the seasons.

  • Spring - A time of renewal and creativity. A time to plant ideas. Pun intended ;)

  • Summer - A time of activation and tending to what we have planted. A great season to spread your energy around and in the community.

  • Fall - A time of harvest and finishing up projects you started.

  • Winter - A time to reflect and assess how the year has gone. A great season to pull in your energy.


During the spring season, we all have the energy to clean out our closets, garages, and pantries. Why not do the same with our businesses?! Let’s clean out our virtual closets and set ourselves up to crush our goals during the summer and fall! Here are a few ways to declutter and clean up your resources:

  • Reviewing and updating website content, including text, images, and videos.

  • Auditing and organizing digital assets, such as photos and videos, to ensure they are easy to find and use.

  • Reviewing and updating social media profiles to ensure they are current and engaging.

  • Cleaning up email lists and databases to remove inactive subscribers or invalid email addresses.

  • Evaluating the performance of media tools and software and upgrading or replacing them as necessary.

brown notebook with a pen


Now, this blog may seem a little late because maybe you did all the goal-setting and reviewing as New Year’s resolutions. Kudos to you!! I literally did not have the energy in January. I didn’t really have the desire to plan content for the year or dive into my business goals. So, when I read about our energies syncing with the seasons, I definitely decided to wait for spring to jump into planning our goals and content. January and February were such a nice time of resetting for me and Bryan and NOW we are springing forth with our best foot forward!

If you also found yourself not wanting to start new goals or didn’t stick to the business plan you set in January, revisit it! Set the course for the year NOW when you have the energy to.

If you are looking for a great way to get started with your business goals, I encourage you to read our blog on branding, “How to Build a Branding Strategy,” and subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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