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Show Up consistently

Focus on Your Business

Taking over your social media gives you the luxury to completely focus on running your business! While social media is just one element of your marketing efforts, it is vital to your brand awareness.

3 Posts a Week

3 Stories a Week

Monthly Analytics

Quarterly Content Creation

Quarterly Meetings

Comment + Message Assistance

Starting at $500

Supportive social

5 Posts a Week

5 Stories a Week

Monthly Analytics

Monthly Content Creation

Monthly Strategy Meetings

Comment + Message Assistance

Starting at $850

Brand Building

5 Posts a Week

5 Stories a Week

Professional Camera Photo + Video

Monthly Analytics

Monthly Strategy Meetings

Monthly Branding Shoots

Comment + Message Assistance

Starting at $1500

Signature Overhaul

Social Media Packages

Reach out for more examples. 

Check out some of our Clients

  • Morgan Knight

    We worked with Morgan to help build a consistent brand for her. We built her a brand guide, created stunning photos for her, & took over her social for 6 months. Basically full brand take over! Check out these stats:

    +20 followers per month on average

    +131.6% Increase in Facebook Reach 

    +1200% Increase in Instagram Reach 

  • Clark's Cutting Edge is a local landscaping company that needed help showing up consistently online. They provide us with photos from jobs while we write content and post fot them. Check out their Facebook: Clark's Cutting Edge

    Clark's Cutting Edge

  • St. Michael's is a medical clinic in Anniston, AL that serves local uninsured residents. We manage their social media, email marketing, and website each month. Even as a non-profit, it is important to build a consistent online presence. Check out their Facebook: St. Michael's

    St. Michael's Medical Clinic

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